Jeep Cherokee Owner Attributes 415k Mile Achievement to Routine Maintenance

With the impeccable durability that owners have become accustomed to from their new Jeep, it comes as little surprise that many high-mileage models are on the roads. One of these reliable models is a Jeep Cherokee owned by Jerry Burton that has almost 415,000 miles racked up and continues to run in pristine condition.

Jerry became a Jeep model enthusiast in 2000 when his SUV was experiencing reoccurring problems. He borrowed his friend's Cherokee and was immediately impressed by how the model handled off-roading with ease, which was essential as he worked for U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and is an avid fly-fisher.

Upon being asked how he managed to keep his Cherokee in top form and what advice he would give to other Jeep model owners so that they can do the same, Jerry says, "My advice to Jeep brand vehicle owners on how they should care for their vehicles would be to do preventive maintenance, wash the engine every so often, and often check things to catch a potential problem before it develops.  My Cherokee has served me far beyond what any other vehicle has done over the 57 years that I have been driving.  What can you say about a vehicle that finally after 414,489 miles has the check engine light come on!"1

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